Allion Compliance Update

Matter |Feb.

● Mar 5th -12th SVE (Specification Validation Event)

  • Potential Locations
    »San Francisco, CA

● Mar 18th – 21st Member Meeting

  • Singapore

PCI Express|Feb.

● PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #128

  • –February 20- February 23, 2024
  • –Taipei Marriott Hotel

● The PCIe 7.0 Specification, Version 0.3 is Now Available to Members

USB |Feb.

● USB Power Delivery Version Control

  • USB PD 3.1 v1.5 to USB PD 3.2 v1.0 Silicon certifications eligible
  • USB PD 3.1 v1.3 to USB PD 3.2 v1.0 End-Product certifications eligible
  • Refer to “Reference of USB Power Delivery Specification Release Dates” USB-IF compliance update
  • Minimum PPS voltage must be 3.3V for USB PD 3.1 versions 1.7 and older
  • Minimum PPS voltage must be 5V for USB PD 3.1 v1.8 and newer

● USB Type-C Liquid Corrosion Detection

  • Appendix A
    »Audio Adapter Accessory mode (Ra/Ra) – deprecated
    »Replaced by Liquid Corrosion Detection mode
  • Allows use of Ra/Ra for detection of potentially harmful liquid in the receptacle

Wi-Fi |Feb.

● Wi-Fi Data Elements specification package updated to include new objects for Wi-Fi 7, Multi-User (MU), and other extensions.


● April 24th – 25th Member Meeting

  • Kyoto, Japan
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